Postal Delivery System used by North Staffordshire Hostas

North Staffordshire Hostas takes great care to ensure our customers recieve good quality plants. All plant deliveried are despatched using the following processes.

1)      All plants are carefully inspected prior to despatch.

Your Selected Plant

 2)      Each plant is taken out of its plant-pot and all compost removed exposing the root system to further inspection.

 your plant with root system

3)      Each plant is washed prior to packing.

 your plant during root inspection

4)      Plants are wrapped in damp newspaper to keep their root systems moist during delivery.

 your plant after being wrapped in newspaper

5)      Plants are then wrapped in cling-film to retain water around their root systems.

 plant with identification labeled and protective wrapping added

6)      Plastic plant labels will be found within the cling-film to identify each variety

 individual plant ready to be packed for shipping

7)      All plants will then be placed within a cardboard box. Additional newspaper is used to protect the plants whilst in transit.

 a selection of plants packed into box

8)      All deliveries are despatched by first-class post on a Wednesday.

 final layer of newspaper added to help protect plants in transit

9)      Deliveries should be received within 72 hours of despatch.

 package ready for posting

10)  On receipt, it is recommended that all plants are removed from their packaging as soon as possible. If you are unable to plant out into their final planting positions you should pot the plants into a temporary plant-pot using a general purpose compost and water thoughly.